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Nov 29

Recently we got many inquiries for hydromill mud processing system, more and more demand on hydromill technology.

hydromill mud system

hydromill mud system

The main advantages of Hydromill technology are:

• Ideal for deep walls
• Suitable for most of the soil conditions and able to work in rock or hard formation
• Capable of correcting the verticality

• Possibility to have a real time monitoring system during the excavation
The hydromill system is made up of three main components:

1 Supporting crawler crane

2 Milling unit

3 Plant for mud preparation and processing

The hydromill technology has been extensively applied to the construction of diaphragm wall, also in urban environment. The main features in respect to the traditional excavation techniques can besummarised as a high quality product, in terms of joint contact and panel verticality.

Constructure of hydromill drilling mud circulation scheme

1 hydromill

2 suction pump

2 mud processing plant

4 slurry tank

5 slurry pump for mud processing plant

6 screened cuttings

7 slurry pump for bentonite mixing plant

8 Bentonite mixing plant

GN500 mud processing system including the following items:

1 shale shaker GN4x1.5 2 sets  
2 mud cleaner GNZJ83-3 2 sets  
3 centrifuge LW450X1000 1 set  
4 jet mud mixer SJH150-35 1 set  
5 centrifugal pump SB8X6-13 4sets  
6 mud tank 8 X 2.3X 1.85m 3sets  
7 Total Electric power required:370KW    
8 Shipment Package: 4 x 40′ container    
9Total Weight: 36tons    
10 Land area required: 9 x 8 x 3.8m  

If you are in need of hydromill mud system, pls contact GN solids control for more information.

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  1. 1. Masoud Al Harthy Says:

    I’m looking for Bentonite processing plant for drilling Mud 100,000 tons per year.

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