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Jun 16

There are many type of industrial centrifuge. In well drilling fluid solids control, the main centrifuge is decanting/decanter centrifuge. How well drilling centrifuge work? How much do youo know about this?

Well Drilling mud centrifuge structure

The main body including drilling fluid output, drilling mud input, overflow opening,conveyor, solid discharge, etc.

Drilling fluid Centrifuge work principle

Decanting centrifuge key part is screw, conveyor and transmission. When centrifuge work, drilling fluid will flow into centrifuge through drilling fluid input. Then the roll bowl will increase speed and fluid will flow into centrifuge through one fixed input pipe. Since rolling bowl rotate at rather high speed.

Well drilling centrifuge

Well drilling centrifuge

Under centrifugal force, high density or large volume particle will be thrown to bowl wall make solid separated from drilling mud. Drilling fluid after processed the solid will be transfered to small end on bowl flow out through discharge opening. The conveyor can push sediment solid to small end.

Under centrifugal force and pressure, majority free water will be pressed out. While little water will be on solid surface. So the centrifuge is the only one equipment getting rid of free water on drilling mud solid. It can cut down drilling fluid lose at the minimum level.

To increase decanter centrifuge working efficiency, we need to add water to dilute density on drilling fluid before it flowing into centrifuge. The viscosity should decrease to 34-38s. The centrifuge speed affect separation size a lot. Such as when the capacity is 21.6m3/h the speed is 3200rpm barite larger than 2microns and drill cuttings larger than 3 microns will be separated out of the water based drilling fluid. When speed is 2500rpm, the barite larger than 6microns drill cuttings larger than 9 microns will be separated out.

Barite will settle together with particle holding 1.5 times diameter as itself. When we choose centrifuge should consider proper capacity, rotary speed, etc. Then get expected result.

Centrifuge for weighted well drilling fluid

Before centrifuge designed and manufactured, weight well drilling fluid will adopt shale shaker and water dilution way to make solids control. This way make drilling fluid unstable property and increase large cost on drilling mud.
Centrifuge used to process weighted drilling fluid decrease lower density solid percentage, control viscosity well also cut down barite feeding quantity. Finally, get lower drilling fluid cost

Weighted drilling fluid during solids control we can take both drilling fluid mud cleaner and centrifuge. However, weighted drilling fluid can get rid of smaller drilling cuttings than barite. They can make up for each other. So when we do solids control for weighted drilling mud, we should use mud cleaner and centrifuge together to get better performance and final result

Other information on centrifuge? To be continued. Just come to GN get price, etc. interested things

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