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Aug 09

It is widely acknowledged that solids smaller than 75 to 100 are removed by desanders, desilters and mud cleaner, all of which use a device called a hydrocyclone to separate out solids. GN polyurethane material hydrocyclone is able to handle with abrasive and coarse solids for long time service

Working procedures:

Mud Cleaner

Two desander and twelve desilter cones mud cleaner

Firstly, the mud is propelled at high speed into the top of an inverted cone along a tangent. The large and heavier solids is pressed to the side of cone under the centrifugal force then subsequently slowly drift down and are finally discard to the mud pit or on the shaker screen. Secondly, the remaining fluid and smaller particles are forced to the center of the cone and ejected out of the top. The same working principle is for the desander and desilter. Technically, there are 4 inch or 5 inch cone for the desilter and 10 inch or 12 inch for the desander. In theory, a 4-inch hydrocyclone discards particles as small as 15 microns, but de silter is down to the about 20 microns in the field statistics.

Hydrocyclone has several ways to install:

1. Desander comprises one(528GPM), two(1056GPM) or three large (1584GPM) diameter hydrocyclone on the tandem.
2. Desilter comprises several of 4 inch diameter cone 8(528GPM), 12(1056GPM) and 16(1584GPM). For HDD project or small bored pile system, GN can only install 4 or 6 desilter cone for processing.
3. GN provides the relative shale shaker matching with desander and desilter from two panels linear motion shale shaker to four panels shale shaker.
4. In order to save clients operating space, GN even put forward to double deck shale shaker, Bottom deck retain the big solids as the shale shaker, top deck with hydrocyclone working as desander or desilter. Double deck desander or desilter are widely used for the HDD or small drilling system.

GN Provide a variety of desander, desilter and mud cleaner solutions for the specific mud recycle project. GN you best partner

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