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Jun 08

There are some types of expensive additives and chemicals in the drilling mud which make the drilling mud high cost and environmental halmful. So, how to separate the drilling cuttings from the drilling mud to make the drilling mud recyclable become a concern attracts more attention.

The principle of Separating the drilling cutting

The basic theory of separating the drilling cutting is Solids Control. The solids control in oil drilling refers to remove the solid particals from the drilling fluids. Drilling cuttings is separated as solid particals step by step by some physical and chemicals methods.

Drilling Cutting Separating System


Drilling cuttings separating equipments

In each step of separating the drilling cuttings, we would involve one type separating equipments that are also called Solids Control Equipments.

Take the oil drilling cuttings separating as an example, we could meet some separating equipments below:
Shale shaker – which is matched with fine mesh screen to separate the cuttings of size large than 400 microns.
Mud cleaner – the polyurethane material cyclone could separate the drilling cuttings with size mimimum to 15 microns.
Decanting Centrifuge – in order to meet the high level demand of drilling mud for oil drilling, the drilling cuttings is of size several microns must be separated out from the mud. By using the centrifugal sedimentation principle, the centrifuge could complete the mission of separating the drilling cuttings at maximumly.

GN High Speed Decanting Centrifuge

After treatment by the centrifuge, almost all the drilling cuttings would be separated out from the drilling mud, now the active mud could be reinject into the drilling hole to make next circle. Sometimes, the active mud need to be added some additives which have run off when separating the drilling cuttings.
The above is a common process of how to separate the drilling cuttings from drilling mud, hope it’s useful to you.

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