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Mar 01

To cut it short, you need to tell people your tunnel size, and the slurry flow rate. 

Based on where you are, the restriction for your dumping will be different, and the TBM supplier may have a different requirement on what size particles are allowed to goes into eventually, or the solids content. 

When we design the new system, the first thing we were trying to sort out is how to make good use of every step. If it is a full system like the big ones you have seen in oil gas projects, then it probably like this chart below. After scalping, then several steps of cyclones, each step come with some dewatering shaker screens.

However, You always will need to balance all the factors, a system that make sense, that cost reasonably, and work efficiently, AND NO ONE need a giant piece, shaking all the other needed equipment away. For TBM projects, space matters, and you bet it, the power consumption also always make sense. Contact us freely for more information. 

written by desander desilter

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