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Each hydrocyclone  separator (desander or desilter) feed manifold requires its own pump and motor (dedicated pumps). “Roping” hydrocyclone discharge indicates solids overloading and the need to either add additional equipment, reduce penetration rate, or accept the contamination of the drilling fluid with recirculated drilled solids or cuttings.

Desander and Desilter cone drawing resource

Desanders shall draw suction from the compartment immediately downstream from the vacuum degasser compartment. Desilters and mud cleaners shall draw from the next compartment, and centrifuges from the next compartment.

Desilter hydrocyclon separator

Desilter hydrocyclon separator

The desilter or mud cleaners(s) then process the fluid from compartment #4 and discharge it to compartment #5 and discharge it to compartment #6.

 If a centrifuge or centrifuges are used on the active system, the centrifuges process fluid from the piping between the pump and the input manifold for this equipment shall be as short and straight as possible. There should be no ells, reducers, or swages within three pipe diameters of the flange connecting the piping to the manifold.

For example, if the sand trap is designated compartment #1 and the following downstream compartments are numbered sequentially, the degasser shall draw suction fluid from compartment #2 and discharge fluid to compartment #3.The desanders then process the fluid from compartment #3 and discharge it to compartment #4.compartment #5.

Suction or inlet piping for hydrocyclone separators

Suction piping of hydrocyclone separator shall be designed for linear flow rate of 1,22 m/s to 2,44 m/s (4 Ws to 8 Ws); 15 cm (6 in) for planned flow rates from 1,33 m3/m to 2,65 m3/m (350 gal/m to 700 gal/m), and 20,3 cm (8 in) to 434 m3/m (1200 gal/m). See Pump Tables (not included) for volumetric rates beyond these ranges. (900 gal/m) and 20,3 cm (8 in) to 5,68 m3/m (1500 gal/m).

If the vertical distance between the discharge manifold and the end of the pipe carrying the discharged fluid to the next compartment is more than 1,8 m (6 ft), a vent shall be provided in the discharge manifold near the hydrocyclones to prevent siphoning in the mud tank.

Desander and Desilter

Desander and Desilter

Discharge on desander and desilter

The discharge line to the tank receiving the discharged fluid shall end above the maximum fluid level provided to permit easy and safe service. For proper operation of this equipment, sufficient space, walkways, ladders and hand rails shall be movable and max width design

Discharge lines shall be 15 cm (6 in) for volumetric rates from 1,33 m3/m to 3,41 m3/m (350 gal/m to monitored. Pressure gauges shall be installed on the input manifolds to permit the head at the manifold to be the equation to calculate the head corresponding to the measured pressure.

Many oilfield hydrocyclones are designed to operate at 23 m (75 ft) of head. Verify this by using Where h is the head, ft; p is the pressure, Ibf/in2; pis the drilling fluid weight, Ib/gal; pounds per gallon.

In US customary units, a 75ft head requires a pressure 3,9 times the drilling fluid weight in proper installation requires that the hydrocyclone unit be installed at an elevation that will prevent siphoning of fluid from the drilling fluid tank when the unit is not in operation. The manifolds shall be higher than the maximum fluid level in the compartments to which they are connected.

Supplement on desander and desilter design

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