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Jan 09

Here mentioned the hydrocyclone is used in drilling mud recycling equipments. Mostly we could see it on desander, desilter and mud cleaner. Therefore, we could classify the hydrocyclong into desander cyclone and desilter cyclone.

Desilter cone

Desilter cone


Hydrocyclone structure

The structure of the hydrocyclone is very simple, for the desander hydrocyclone, it always consist of inlet volute part , upper cone, down cone and nozzel, while the desilter hydrocyclone is often a cone with nozzle. Inner the hydrocyclone is hollow, the drilling mud was feeded by the centrifugal pump into the hydrocyclone along a tangent route. With the presure offered by pump, the drilling mud rotates in the hydrocyclone. Under the function of centrifugal power, the solid particles move towards the inner wall of hydrocyclone, and due to the gravity, the solid particles was flow out of the nozzle. Exactely speaking, the solids is spurt out of the hydrocyclone. While the fluids overflow out from the upper opening of the cone.

Whether the Hydrocyclone works well

After we knowing the strcuture and working principle of the hydrocyclone, we could tell easily whether the hydrocyclone is working well or not. Because of the inertia, at the moment of the solids is spurt out, the solids move towards the hydrocyclone wall. Thus, when we see the underflow drilling mud, we could see that the mud is jet-like rather than bundle. If bundle, then we could tell that the pressure in the hydrocyclone is lower than required.

Hydrocyclone is also call cyclone, cone. GN solids control could offer the hydrocyclone as wearing parts as well as together with pipeline to compose equipments. Any need for solids control equipments or mud system, just feel free to contact with us.

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