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Oct 18

Consumption of huge quantity of oil and energy has brought great convenience for the development. Drilling oil has become dramatically more important today. There will be this kind of problem in the oil drilling process. GN Solids Control(China) mud recycle systems avoid such problems, we need a good selection in the choice of equipment to avoid incidents happen.

Shale shakers are often used in the drilling process. I think we normally have found that drilling fluids overflow phenomenon. Let’s look at the following information which may give your ideas.

Drilling fluids factors

1, Mud or drilling fluids viscosity is too high. They are clogged on the shaker screen and stop drilling fluids flowing across the shaker screen.

2, the large mud weight may cause the same problem

3, the solid percentage of drilling fluids is too high

4, cuttings dispersed.

Negative shaker performance factors:

1, the G-force or vibration force is not enough;

2, screen mesh or screen API number is too high, the penetration rate of shaker screen is relative low;

3, the effective area of ​​shaker screen is too narrow

4, vibration track determines the mud transport speed;

5, Choosing inappropriate shaker screen, drilling fluids accidently flow to both side of shaker screen. So drilling fluid can not flow equally all over the shaker screen

How to avoid overflow happen and do the appropriately shale shaker maintenance:

  1. Appropriately adjust the deck angle in order to process more fluids;

2 .  Set up vibration motor and obtain high vibration force

3 .  Carefully read information of shaker treating capacity before purchase the unit

4 . If the shaker screen is blocked, we should immediately wash out solids/particle

5.  Once the shale shaker shut down, operator should clean the whole units and surface of screen. Otherwise, the mud will block the shaker screen.

CBM mud recycling system

CBM mud recycling system














Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal: http://shale-shaker-screen.blogspot.com/2014/10/centrifugal-pump-mechanical-seal.html

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