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Apr 05

GN Solids control ,a professsional oilfiled solids control equipment manufacture in China,every year we manufacture around 150 centrifuges ,this essay is to help you understand how to adjust interlock and bowl speed of centrifuge .

Centrifuge bowl speed adjustment

Centrifuge bowl speed adjustment

Adjustment of overload release and electric interlock

The distance between the roller and the drive plate should be appropriately adjusted. If the distance is excessive long, the electric protection will fail to function; if it is excessive short, the roller and the limit switch can easily be damaged.

After each action, the drive plate and the coupling should be reset. The safety pin, the roller and the limit switch should be inspected and replacement should be performed for any damage.

Adjustment of the rotation speed of bowl

The rotation speed of bowl is only allowed to be adjusted within the maximum active rotation speed specified in the specification or on the nameplate of the centrifuge.

Centrifuge speed adjustment

Centrifuge speed adjustment

For rated frequency centrifuge, change the main pulley with bigger or smaller diameter and longer or shorter V-belts as well to increase or decrease the rotation speed of bowl.

The bowl of the frequency conversion centrifugal machine can be speed up and down by turning “speed up” or “speed down” knob.

When the operating speed of rotating bowl is increased, smaller solid particle can be separated but the throughput will be reduced, the abrasion, vibration noise and load will be increased and the service life will be shortened.

Hence, it is recommended to rationally select bowl speed according to separation application or solid content in drilling mud. For example, select medium/low speed for recycling barite or high density slurry, select higher speed for medium density slurry, and select the highest speed for low density slurry.

Adjustment of differential speed

The differential speed of centrifuge is generally within the stipulated range and need not to be adjusted by customers. However, customers can only change this parameter within a small range by themselves.

For rated frequency centrifuge, the method is:  Pull out the original pulley of the back motor and install pulley with bigger or smaller diameter and belts for replacement. When the pulley of back motor is enlarged, the speed of the input shaft of gearbox will increase, the differential speed will decrease; contrariwise, the differential speed will increase. To the frequency conversion centrifugal machine, to turn the “speed up” or “speed down” knob can change the back motor so as to change rotational speed. Increase in motor speed causes decrease in differential, vice versa.

Excessively high differential speed may result in turbulence of fluid flow, disturb solid deposit and reduce slag discharge; while excessively low differential speed may cause conveyor blocked.

written by GN Desander Desilter

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