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Apr 13

Desander is called 2nd phase solids control equipment. It can be used in drilling fluid processing, HDD bentonite recovery, etc.

Hydrocyclone on De-sander

Usually, De-sander including hyrocyclone, steel frame, pressure gauge.  De-sander hydrocyclone can be high-chromium iron or Polyurethane (PU). Actually, we ever designed 8″, 10″ and 12″ de-sander hydrocyclone on de-sander separator.

The modular de-sander using 10″ de-sander cone. Such as Derrick, Mi-Swaco, GN Solids Contrl, NOV Brandt, etc. Ccommonly it will separate particles 47-56 microns out from drilling fluid to achieve 2nd purification on drilling mud.

GN new standard de-sander is with two 10″ PU hydrocyclone. And the cone type is clamped connection one. This will save much time to give us higher efficiency on replacement, etc. Also provide better appearance.


How do cones work on De-sander?

The hydrocyclone basic principle is decanter separation. When the de-sander hydrocyclone under 0.25-0.40Mpa the cones will separate 90% solids out of drilling fluid.

De-sander--Hydrocyclone separator

De-sander--Hydrocyclone separator

Details is centrifugal feeding pump transfer drilling mud from shale shaker compartment to De-sander inlet. Under the pressure condition and power the drilling fluid will become swirl or whirlpool. Larger particals will be out of drilling mud and flow to de-sander outlet

Then the clean mud will down to direct compartment for next de-silting treatment. In fact, hydrocyclone used in de-sander is same principle on desilter hydrocyclone.


De-sander hydrocyclone used on mud cleaner

De-sander and de-silter combined together with shale shaker as mud cleaner or mud conditioner. The de-sander hydrocyclone used on mud cleaner will be equal with de-silter cones treating capacity. We design it according to clients’ requirement on treating capacity. Usually the de-sander hydrocyclone hold capacity as 500GPM while de-silter cone hold capacity 90GPM.

Such as, we need mud cleaner as 1000GPM capacity we need two 10″ Desander hydrocyclones and twelve desilter cones.

Presently, considering give users more convenience we provide de-sander cones with stainless steel clamp, for desilter cones we also adapt stainless steel clamps and ball valve for convenient operation and easyreplacement on spare cones.

When user don’t need as many as 12 cones they can turn off any desilter cones valve to control the treating capacity. Maybe someday, one of desilter hydrocyclone is broken they  can turn off it and replace it with spare ones to ensure sufficient process effeciency.

Totally speaking, de-sander hydrocyclone are very easy to operation and design. We just need right capacity configuration, proper pressure and ideal matching pump.


You wanna more details on hydrocyclone used in de-sander? Come to GN find your answer and professional suggestion

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