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Jun 09

GN have designed a complete system for hyro vac slurry separation, believe me people think differently, but we are trying to standardrize our design, some performance proved design.
Below is a rough idea how it works:

  • Slurry Collection Hopper – per client requirement, GN designed a large open top hopper with 3-side weir surrounded, 1 side is low weir for slurry feeding from the vacuum tanker vehicle. The hopper is designed with water spraying pipe system to assist the slurry drop to the hopper discharge port easily.
  • Coarse Screen Module – One unit coarse shaker is installed under the collection hopper for coarse solids separation. Coarse shaker in installed on collection tank into where the slurry will drop waiting for further treatment. The submersible pump installed on the tank is used to transfer the slurry to subsequent module.
  • Fine Screen Module – the slurry treated by the coarse shaker will be pumped to fine screen shaker for small size sand separation, the shaker deck is covered with rubber to prevent the slurry spraying out to contaminate the equipment.
  • De-dilting Module – de-silter is a machine used for finer solids separation from slurry. It has hydrocyclone unit and under flow drying shaker to remove finer solids and make the discharged solids dryer for easy conveying.
  • Decanter Module – the decanter centrifuge is working by centrifugal force to separate solid and liquid. Its rotating part runs at a high speed to produce high G force that can remove the ultrafine solids in the slurry to make the recovered water cleaner.

Contact GN Sales Team for more info.

written by desander desilter

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