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Jun 11

GN solids control produce 3 models of high speed,middle speed, variable speed 2 phase centrifuges that separate solids from liquids. In all three models, the operating principle is theoretically the same.

oilfield centrifuge

oilfield centrifuge

The structure of the centrifuge

There are 3 primary parts – the base, or skid – the stainless steel case – and the rotating assembly consisting of bowl and auger. The case gathers the separated materials in two chambers for re-use and disposal. To create the desired effect, bowl and auger spin at slightly different speeds in the same direction. Bowl speed is variable depending on application and operating conditions.

During operation, feed slurry is dispersed in the feed chamber of the auger. The slurry strikes an accelerator plate and is forced into the bowl. Centrifugal force causes heavier solids to accumulate inside the bowl while the auger continuously drags them up the taper end of the bowl and out of the solids discharge ports. Finer solids, retained in the liquid traveling through the machine, are continuously removed as they buildup inside the bowl, and are ultimately augered along the pool, up the taper and out the solids discharge ports.

Clean fluids travel towards the fluid end of the bowl, exit through adjustable eccentric ports and are recycled back into the operation system or re-directed to another location for storage or removal.


In order to protect the differential gear from shattering when the centrifuge is over loaded, security equipment is also installed in the differential gear’s left end, security pin is installed on the gear shaft, the dynamic force transmitted from the belt pulley is transmitted to the catch plate through teeth socket ,then sent to the cam, the cam send the dynamic force to gear shaft through security pin. When the torsion torque exceeds the intension of the security pin, the security pin will be cut down and disconnect the transmission so as to make a protection. Note: because of the reliable overload protection of the overload of the centrifuge, limit switch is not installed on the high speed frequency converted type centrifuge.

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