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May 07

Desilter brief application

Oil well drilling mud desilter is after desander (or hydrocyclone desander). It is 3rd phase solids control equipment. It usually can separate particles as 15-40 microns

Desilter separator structure

Usually, there should be input pipeline, output line, bottom shaker, base frame, etc. Also there maybe without bottom shaker according to user’s demand.

How does desilter work?

The basic principle is drilling fluid transferred by centrifugal feeding pump to desilter from desander compartment in the mud tank. At this occassion, the drilling fluiud is under certain push force and pressure. The drilling fluid will becocme high speed whirl and give large centrifugal force.

Then the heavy solid particles will flow out via outlet hole. If there is bottom shaker, the drilling fluid will be filtered again by screen. Finally the particle will be separated out of tank.

Desilter&Desander for sale

Desilter&Desander for sale

The drilling mud after desilter purifying will overflow into mud tank awaiting next process

Technique specs on hydrocyclone desilter

Mainly there should be desilter hydrocyclone number, diameter, matching pump, pressure, separation solid size, treating capacity, hydrocyclones material, and bottom shaker specs

The technique specs should be from user’s requirement on treating capacity, actual operation environment, etc. Usually the desilter cone diameter is 4″. Presently, GN desilter mainly use PU material cones, and clamp type one. Furthermore, there can be desilter cone with bottom shale shaker or not

More info on desilter work principle

Actually, desilter work principle is main the hydrocyclone cones principle. Ye, it is similar with desander. Some times we’ll combine desander and desilter together to save more space and get better performance via larg bottom shaker screen area.

Nowadays more and more users prefer mud cleaner but not separated desander or desilter. They trust high efficiency will bring them more superiority and save more cost

If you need more information on desilter work principle or any other solids control equipments info please feel free to contact us. Come to GN find your solution on oil rig mud solids control

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