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Jun 02

Desilter is consisted of desilter hydrocyclones, usually it is 4” cyclone. The number of the cone can be customized according to the treating capacity you need.

There are two types desilters, one is with underflow shaker, the other one is without shaker. Most of the world famous solids control equipments supplier such as Derrick, Brandt, they design a type without underflow shaker, and used a hacking instead of the shaker. But in most situation, GN desilter is with underflow shaker.



We thought it is a better way to process the useful drilling mud. If you do not use a shaker, some useful drilling mud will be discharged as waste mud, that will increase the cost for processing the waste mud, and waste some useful mud. If you use a shaker, you can process the mud in further step, if you use a large mesh screen, it will dry the solids in some time, and you can choose to separate the particle size by your own demand. One the other hand, the shaker will not increase much of the total cost of the desilter. Usually we use a small screen area is enough.

For the desilter with shaker, first the fluids will enter into the desilter cone by the feeding pump. After processing by the desilter cone, some large and heavy silt will come out from the outlet and drop on the shaker, and the small and light particle size silt will come out form the overflow pipe. The shaker will separate much smaller solids, because maybe these mud is still useful for drilling.

Hydrocylone Desilter separators are one of the important equipment of controlling the solids in the drill fluid. The action is to remove the harmful solids, promote the drill fluid performance and separate 15~47 μm solids particles accounting for over 60﹪ of solids quantity.When the quick drilling is made in the soft formation, the shale shaker only can remove large solids particles, but the Hydrocylone Desilter separators canremove fine solids particles, fully promoting the solids control efficiency. Therefore, it is especially suitable for the well site where the formation is considerable hard and the drilling speed is slower so that the cuttings is very fine in particle size.

If you are interested in desander and desilter or hydrocyclones, pls contact GN solids control freely.

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