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Oct 06

Almost every supplier of solids control equipments has their own brand centrifuge, OEM or dealer. Comparing with other equipments for mud recycling, centrifuge is one unit with relative high technical request and structure complex. But there is no doubt centrifuge is one type indispensable equipments in mud circulating system. Famous solids control equipments supplier like Derrick, MI Swaco have their main centrifuge model.

GN Centrifuge for Mud Recycling

Centrifuge Function for Mud Circulating

Same with shale shaker and desilter, centrifuge is used to remove the non benefited cuttings our of the drilling fluids. According to the type of drilling, 1 unit middle speed and 1 unit high speed centrifuge would be needed. The speed of the middle speed centrifuge is 1600-2200RPM, used to recycle the barite.High speed centrifuge is 2600-3900RPM, used to separate the fine solid particles.
With more and more strict regulations concerning to the environment, the drilling waste management industry also adopt centrifuge to make sure the solid discharges more drier and more clean water would be recycled back to the drilling fluids.

Centrifuge Main Parts Drum and Screw Propeller

Rotation Drum and screw propeller is the most important and complex parts of the centrifuge. Take the electrical motor driven type centrifuge as an example, the centrifuge is equiped with 2 motors: main motor drive the drum while the back motor supply power for the screw propeller through a speed differential mechanism. Though same rotation direction, the drum and screw propeller rotate by different direction due to speed difference. That make the propeller could push the solid discharge towards the cone end and then would be discharge out.
For GN centrifuge, the material of the rotation drum is made of stainless steel for corrosion resistant. Stainless stell screw propeller welded with tungsten alloy tile has a long life time and easy for replacing weared.

Besides solids control and waste management, centrifuge could also be used in piping project, dredge slurry separation and enviroment project. Any request for the centrifuge, welcome contact with us.

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