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Apr 19

GN solids control manufacture HDD mud system and equipments to match with Horizontal directional drilling rig. In some cases, we help our clients to contact with drilling rig manufacture in china which is near to our factory, so we can export them together. We have cooperated manufactures for drilling rig, drilling tool, mud pump, etc.

 If you’re a building contractor, chances are at some point you’ll work on an underground construction project.

 As our experience, the famous drilling rig manufacture in China is including the following companies.

1 Vemeer China VBM Company

 Vemeer China VBM Company, which is located in Beijing (our factory is located in Tangshan, only three hours from Beijing ).Vermeer Beijing Manufacture Joint venture Vermeer USA with Balama China,Specializing in manufacture and sales of vermeer horizontal directional drilling rig. Their quality and technology is world famous.

HDD drilling rig mud system

HDD drilling rig mud system

The Vermeer NAVIGATOR line of horizontal directional drills and drilling units is ideal for the underground installation of utilities – gas, electric, water, telecommunication or soil remediation lines – without excavation or trenching.

 2 Drillto HDD (horizontal directional drilling machines)

Drillto was established as a private company with Mr.Pengwang as the main promoter and seven other colleagues in the year 1999. He has, however, been designing HDD Machines since 1994. Drillto Trenchless Co., Ltd is a civilian-owned science-technology enterprise specialized in research and development for no-dig technology. Drillto is the world’s fastest growing HDD (Horizontal directional drilling)Machine Manufacturer now and has a multi-storied factory with state of the art Manufacturing facility with machines such as EDM and CNC Lathe. The company is consisted of a batch of the earliest experts on no-dig area in China. The company is specialized to manufacture Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs (HDD) and drill pipes, meantime, the company act as the representative for the Locators and of the world famous brand companies.

Most of you, who is involved in a project of horizontal directional drilling project, may consider an important matter-the budget and quality. How to balance them to get the maximum effectiveness ?

 You may consider to use a drilling rig from a world famous company, like Vermeer or their joint venture in China, then choose GN solids control as the drilling mud processing supplier, our HDD mud system has been approved by lots of clients from world wide and using in the scene smoothly.

 Contact GN solids control for more information.

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