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Dec 18

In remote area, like most of oil drilling field, especially PNG, as we know, road there is a big issue, and for some clients, it is even more worthwhile to build an airport, and  customers need high quality and specially design solids control system for shipping by helicopiter.

GN have been supplying heli lifted equipment to the market many years ago, for diamond drilling, and oil gas drilling 2 years ago, cooperating with an Australian company, improved on many engineering details, so now the whole team is more familiar with requirement and the standards. For this new project, GN also had some further discussion with client, to finalize the design, to make sure to deliver high quality system for clients.

This is very important, as in anyway, the system is for client, to use, not only a standard product for manufactures to fabricate. The system includes poor boy degasser, 2 shale shaker, 1 mud cleaner, trip tank, mixing tank, and all related pumps. To minimize the lifting, the equipment have been placed into frames, which also been designed for Heli lifting.

Lifting padeye is one of the critical parts, for heli lifting, for airplane transportation, for road transporation etc.. There are certain procedure from our experience to make sure it comply with the application. 

Also as we all know electrical standard is very important for Aussie oilfield, so we chose to cooperate with a regular partner there to make sure it works.

NO SURPRISE. So that is all we need to do. 

written by desander desilter

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