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Nov 26

Submersible slurry pump is usually used for HDD mud system, to pump drilling mud from mud pit to shale shaker. Usually we make the inlet pipe with fast union joint with size 4” or 5” or customized, and the length of inlet pipe could be customized.

To sum up, the GN YZ series submersible slurry pump is the ideal centrifugal pump for Feeding Shale Shaker from Mud Pit for HDD Mud Recycling system.

HDD slurry pump

HDD slurry pump

The max particle size of drilling fluids allowed for GN HDD slurry pump is 2cm, suited for delivering large particle slurry with rocks. The treating capacity from 40m³/h to 270 m³/h. The submersible length if no special requirements it will be 1.3~1.5m.

GN HDD Slurry Pump is the cantilever pump structure of single stage and single suction, with the bearing housing, supporting, intermediate pipe connecting the  pump hydraulic components, the water is discharged out from the drain pipe parts, pump impeller is for semi-shrouded with the agitating vane on the vane extended, the main characteristic of this pump is the underwater pump shaft parts have enough rigidity, the impeller and pump shell have no bearings, no shaft seal, which can transport the greater medium of solid particles. The length of inserting the water by slurry pump is between 800 and 2000, the suction pipe can be matched in case of need. The shaft seal runs into the underwater pump without setting up the shaft seal, drive should be installed the vertical motor on the supporting seat connecting with coupling and pump.

The principle to choose a proper slurry pump :

1 a little larger flow rate than your requirement, usually the treating capacity we got from test is for clean water flow rate or under standard drilling mud

2 proper submersible length

3 outlet of slurry pump, which is same with suction hose of shale shaker

4 Max particle size allowed for each model is various, before choosing a slurry pump, we should know your slurry condition first.

If you need HDD slurry pump or complete mud system, pls contact GN .

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