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Dec 15

HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) rigs are nowadays part of pipeline construction projects. This increasing trenchless technology contributes a technical and economic edge as well as providing environmental and productivity advantages. For under-river crossings, traffic way crossings, flood protection dams,crossings below foundations of buildings or objects, nature reserves, parks or even whole city areas or mountain zone, different size and type HDD rigs are used for pipeline laying projects of different lengths, depths, geology as well as technical and environment conditions.

HDD Drilling Rig

How HDD Rigs Drill the Pipeline Guiding Hole

Before drilling, the operator will dig a small well on the ground and predetermine the drilling route. In the drilling bit, there is a signal bar which is used to make the drilling bit drill as per the desired direction.
As the drilling pipe get into the ground is gradient and also out of the ground upwards gradient, the drilling route looks like a inverted parabola.
After the drill bit out of ground from the desired point, always other side of river, road or mountains, we would get drilling guide hole. Then, larger drill bit, also called reamer, would be installed on the drill pipe to drill again along the hole so that to make the hole diameter larger. Several larger reamer would be used to make the hole diameter is larger than the diameter of the pipeline which would be laid later.

HDD Mud System Application During Drilling

GN HDD Mud Recycling System

GN HDD Mud Recycling System

In order to prevent the collapse of the hole wall and lubricate the drilling bit, the drilling mud would be used during the whole drilling operation.
Herewith, we would give a brife introduction for HDD mud system. Generally, one unit complete HDD mud system would consist mud tank, shale shaker, desander, desilter, mud mixing unit and pumps to transfer the recycled mud back to the rig. Nowadays, almost all the HDD contractor would equip the rig with one unit mud system for drilling mud cost saving and environment protection.

How HDD Rigs Lay the Pipe Underground

The pipeline is welded at the drilling bit out point and connected to the drilling pipe. Then the HDD rig would pull back the drilling pipe, the pipe also would be pulled into the drilling hole. Thus the pipe is laid without digging a ditch on the ground.

Top HDD Rigs Manufacture and Mud System Supplier

By offering HDD mud system, GN Solids Control get communication with the main HDD rig manufacturer in China and always introduce to the clients. If you have any request for a HDD rig or mud system, please leave a message and we will offer the best service.

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