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Oct 14

Utilized by many HDD contractors for many years, drilling fluids recycling systems have found favor with the mid-size rig contractors and are even being used with some mini-rigs. Just as special care is taken in selection of drilling rigs, drill stem, bits and reamers, the same care should be taken in selecting drilling fluids recycling system.

HDD Rig Driiling Fluids Recycling System

Principals of Drilling Fluids Recycling Operation

During HDD projects, drilling fluid from the wellbore is pumped from the mud pit into a primary or scalping shaker, where larger drill cuttings are removed. The fluid then drops into the mud tank compartment where it is recovered and pumped into hydrocyclones for removal of finer solids. some systems will discharge the hydroclone underflow slurry over ultra fine screens for additional fluids recovery. The hydrocyclone overflow (clean liquid), is discharged into a clean compartment and is ready for reuse or conditioning. Discharging hydrocyclone underflow slurry over ultra-fine screens is an very good solution to make the solids discharge much drier, and more fluid is recovered. This requires a high performance shaker with a large screen area.

How to Select the Drilling Fluids Recycling System for your HDD rig

Drilling fluids recycling system should include mixing system with a venture-style jet mixing hopper and a charge pump to send positive pressure feed back to the rig’s mud pump. Adequate tank volume is important, but treating capacity of the system is even more important. A recycling system should be capable of processing at least one and a half times the maximum capacity of the rig’s mud pump. This is usually determined by the size and number of hydrocylones the unit has.
For safety purpose, handrails and stairways are necessities for workers constantly climbing up and down the recycling system.

GN Solid Control, a 5-years old manufacturer for HDD rig drilling fluids recycling system, has already exported her recycling system to more than 50 countries. Standard and customized design recycling system would meet your vary requirements. It is the time to take your phone to contact with us if any request aroused from your side.

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