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Sep 06

Horizontal Directionally Drilling (HDD) has proven itself over the last few years to be a very effective technique for the installation of pipelines and other utilities in sensitive or congested areas.      

HDD mud recycling and mixing system

HDD mud recycling and mixing system

Gone are the days when the only option was to tear up the asphalt to lay new underground water, cable, and electric lines in developed areas. Now horizontal directional drilling (also known as trenchless technology and directional boring) goes under roads, driveways, wetlands, and other natural and man-made structures.

HDD history

Many prerequisites enabled this suite of technologies to become productive. Probably the first requirement was the realization that oil wells (or water wells, but since they are shallower, most development was in the oil industry) are not necessarily vertical. This realization was quite slow, and did not really grasp the attention of the oil industry until the late 1920s when there were several lawsuits alleging that wells drilled from a rig on one property had crossed the boundary and were penetrating a reservoir on an adjacent property. Initially, proxy evidence such as production changes in pre-existing wells was accepted, but such cases fueled the development of small diameter tools capable of surveying wells during drilling.

GN design and manufacture mud recycling and mixing system for HDD operation. Customized flow rate(volume) is available.

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