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Mar 05

This 35T mud system is designed for HDD contractor specially. It saves more investment, save more spaces, and provides cost-effective advantages. The system has been appreciated by many clients for its above features

Goodeng 35T rig

Goodeng 35T rig is one HDD rig popular with many contractors both domestic and oversease. Goodeng is popular with majority HDD contractors. It is top professional manufacturer on HDD rigs in China even in the world. We’ve ever designed many systems match with Goodeng HDD rig. And the clients appreciate our cooperation and harmony.

Just few days ago, we configured one mud system for Goodeng to match their 35T rig. Yesterday, we suggest our Korean client choose this mud system for his end user. His end user is an HDD contractor, they got Goodeng 35 T HDD rig and wanna get one economical proposal on drilling mud system decrease total HDD cost

HDD Mud System for Goodeng Rig

HDD Mud System for Goodeng Rig

Mud system for Goodeng 35T rig

Goodeng 35T rig usually requests Considering users’ requirements on limit space and economical cost our engineer designed following proposal

This mud system including 1 mud tank sized about 2160bbl. There is a desilter on the mud tank. To provide complete solution, we need another equipment-Submersible slurry pump. Nowadays, sumbersible slurry pump is more and more popular in HDD mud system. Maybe it is as feeding pump for shale shaker. For this system, it is also feeding pump for Desilter.

This Goodeng 35 T rig need one mud pump holding charge capacity as 320l/min. So the system should cater to the flow capacity.  Then desilter we designed as three 4″ cones, the capacity is up to about 198GPM. It holding larger treating capacity but it request much less cost than common desilter and/or combined with desander cones so it is more cost-effective.

The submersible slurry pump in this system requests 7.5KW power. And its capacity is about 352GPM. This will provide sufficient mud flow and pressure for desilter cone and get ideal result for particles smaller than 20 microns separation

The mud system flow

The drilling mud system for Goodeng 35T rig is a special simple type. But it is very complete one including chargeing and separation. As we all know, HDD job site space is rather limit there is usually a mud pit to store dirty drillilng mud.

The submersible slurry pump will pump drilling mud from the mud pit to the desilter directly. After desilter cones separation most of particles sized 15~20 microns will be separated out of drilling mud.

Drilling fluid with little 15~20 microns solids will drop down to under set shale shaker. After its filtration the clean drilling mud will  flow to tank. The clean mud in the tank can be used again for the HDD project. This will save much cost to whole drilling

Goodeng rig mud system

Goodeng rig is China top manufacturer on HDD rig. GN is a manufacturer specialized in complete mud equipments for drilling fluid process. Including HDD mud recycling, oil and gas well drilling.

The HDD mud system is a rather important division in GN market positioning. We are so glad we cooperate with Goodeng rig and we trust, GN and Goodeng will get better and more bright cooperation on Goodeng rig mud system.

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