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Jun 23

Recently a full set of dewatering decanter centrifuge was bought by a South Korean customer to be used in the HDD and trenchless industry.
After 10 years development since its establishment in China, GN has now become an international company with a famous brand in the solid control equipment manufacturing area. Now it has 3 core products, drying shaker, decanter centrifuge and cutting dryer. This time the South Korean bought is just one of the core products GN manufactures.


The decanter centrifuge has many great features. The bowl material is made of the stainless steel 2205, the screw conveyor surface is made of the tungsten carbide which is replaceable. The solid discharge port is also made of very tough material, either ceramic or tungsten carbide is commonly used. There are three types of power system, the VFD, fully hydraulic driven and fixed speed mechanical. The bowl size GN can manufacture is from 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch, 22 inch and the biggest one is 30 inch. So no matter how much your processing capacity will be, GN will have a right product for you.
The system for the decanter centrifuge also includes a screw pump which will feed the slurry into the decanter centrifuge. This system also includes a flocculant system, which can add some polymer to the mud and separate the solid size up to almost zero micron. If without the flocculant system, just using the mechanical force, the decanter centrifuge can separate the solid size from 2 to 5 microns.


Recently as the industry developed, the use of the decanter centrifuge in the HDD/ trenchless will become an industry trend. The construction company will need to get the drier solids and cleaner mud, and work more effectively and efficiently. Decanter centrifuge will be undoubtedly a good choice.
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