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May 30

Besides solids control systems for oil and gas drilling, GN Solids Control is also excellent designer
and powerful manufacturer of mud recycling system in wide applications for: HDD&CBM Drilling,TBM or
Bore Piling, Geothermal Drilling, Diamond Drilling, Water Well Drilling. This week, one set of 500GPM
mud recycling system with three phase treatment and mud mixing unit for HDD trenchless project, which
is composed of the below main parts.

One set of GNZS703-DZ shale shaker fed from upside through buffer box, this design shortening the length
of shale shaker for a compact footprint. Generally the feeding types of shale shake depend on what it
will be used to. Weir feeder shale shaker is mostly used in the oil and gas drilling site; hopper feeding
is used for High G shaker when treating the drilling waste.
One set of mud cleaner GNZJ703-D1S8N composed of one 10’’ desander cone, eight 4’’ desilter cones,
and the underflow shale shaker with no feeding box.
One set of Venturi mixing hopper and three sets centrifugal pumps, one to feed the desander cone,
one to feed the desilter cones, one to feed the mixing hopper.


With experiences in solids removal from the drilling mud, GN solids control manufactures and supplies:
1.Complete sets of solids control system for oil and gas drilling suits to different drilling depth;
2.Mud system for other kinds of drilling such as HDD, CBM, TBM with various treating capacity
from 200GPM to 1000 GPM;
3.Solids control equipment such as shale shaker, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge,
and replaceable screen for other famous brand shale shaker such as Derrick, MI-Swaco, Nov Brandt;
4.Spare parts for GN solids control equipment no matter how small the quantity
you are looking for from GN Solids Control.

written by desander desilter

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