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Jun 14

Russia large energy company has purchased decanter centrifuge, vacuum degasser and mud cleaner from us for solids control system. Obviously, they have visited our manufacuturer firstly and subsequently negotiate with us about the price and shipping condition. They express the strong willingness to establish business with us in the future because of our qualified equipment and competitive price.12B 副本

The Advantages of GN Equipment.

 1. GN different models of Decanter Centrifuge are available for recovering the barite, diamond drilling project and separate the solids from drilling fluids. Duplex stainless steel 2205 material and tungsten carbide maximum protect the screw from solids damage in order to keep the long lifespan.VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

2. GNZCQ270/360 Vacuum degasser has the capabilities for ensuring the proper mud weight and removing the dangerous gas in the prevention of potential blowouts. It is with a self-contained installation and infrared level sensor to prevent the overflow.

3. Mud cleaner is a combination of desander, disilter cones and shale shaker.The 10 inch desander cone and 4 inch desilter cone separate the undesired solids by centrifugal force. The bottom shaker is used as the drying unit to process the solids from desander and desilter.

Mud Cleaner with Desander and Desilter

If you need any solids control equipment information, you feel free to contact with us

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