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Sep 29

GN Solids Control Equipment in Directional Drilling Area
Directional drilling in one methods of special drilling process, the well bore is drilled along the preset direction and trajectory to the target layer. Usually, directional drilling is equals to slant drilling.
In many large projects, the directional drilling is play a very important role, such as the underground line projects (oil transport line, gas transport line, water transport pipeline), as well as the civil projects such as telecommunication line etc.
There is no doubt, directional drilling technology is most people’s first choice, because using this technology, we could choose the most suitable place for drilling. This is very common for those civil projects, when the drilling companies try to not disturb people’s daily life.
For better understanding the significant importance of the directional drilling, we might need to know how the directional drilling works.
Usually, the drilling engineers will make a ten inches (more or less) hole, which called pilot hole. Then an expanded or enlarged hole will be drilled on the basis of pilot hole. During this process, a tunnel to the underground will be made. After the tunnel to the designed length, let’s say fifty inches, a mud tunnel will be made to clean the solids or water underground.
When we clean the mud tunnel, usually we need to use solids control equipments to increase the efficiency. GN Solids Control is one of the leading company who is working on this fields for years, and GN has exported to its solids control equipments to more than sixty countries.

Now more and more GN Solids Control equipments are using over abroad. These equipments are designed and manufactured in many different types, some are on a moving truck (special designed for moving flexibility), and some equipments are with a telescopic skid which can adjust the working height etc.
For any detailed questions on solids control that used on directional drilling, please feel free to contact GN engineers.

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