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Jun 15

GN shale shaker is one of the main equipments in GN’s products line. It is widely used in all GN mud recycling systems for oil drilling and HDD. As a spare part of shale shaker, the shaker screen determines the shale shaker performance to some extend.

Wedge block to fasten the shaker screen

GN shale shaker screen is installed and removed by fastening and loosen the polyurethane wedge block. Fixing one pc screen need 2 pcs wedge blocks on either side of the shaker deck. The wedge block is wedged into the slot produced by a piece welded angle stell.
When replace the shaker screen, just need loosen the wedge blocks. It is bery easy and time saving which greatly increase the working efficience.

GN Shaker Rubber Gaskets for Screen Protection


Rubber gaskets to protect the shaker screen

When operating the shale shaker, the high G vibration force produced by the vibration motor also make the screen shake up and down. In order to reduce the shakeing force functioned on the screen, we stick rubber strip on the screen frame. Besides this, GN Shale shaker also has the screen supporting steel beam according the screen frame as well as the rubber gaskets on the shaker deck. All above has greatly increase the impact resistance of the shaker screen and extended the screen life.

The above mentioned shale shaker screen installation design features all source from our customer’s feedback, that is why GN could keep growing and win more and more trust from customer. If you want to learn more about GN Solids Control equipments, welcome contact with us.

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займ на карту срочно без отказа онлайн займ на карту без отказа