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Jan 27

More and more offshore projects now choose GN products, before no one likes Chinese products for offshore is because of reputation, not enough confidence, and whenever count on the hassles, pay more and get EU / US products, plus, do you have the certifications.

Though it might not big steps so far, but we are on the right direction

offshore shale shake

The drying shakerunit is one of the main equipment in waste cuttings management system. It is used for further treatment of the drilling cuttings discharged out from primary solid control shale shaker. Comparing with the normal shale shaker, drying shaker has a large vibrating G force that makes the shaker recover more drilling fluids from cuttings. By using the drying shaker, the drilling fluids recovery efficiency would be highly increased and less waste discharged. To prevent the drilling fluids spraying out of the shaker deck and contaminating the area nearby, the drying shaker deck is designed to be cover with steel plate on top.

To increase the drilling mud recovery efficiency, GN published the VIST vacuum shaker screen system that can be used especially in offshore project.

To make sure the shale shaker comply with offshore application, GN also invite, CSC come to our yard, assist on the certificates on lifting parts.

As we get more and more experience on offshore projects, soon enough we will be able to offer even more products, with more competitive price.

written by desander desilter

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