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Jun 26

GN HDD mud recycling system has been widely used in many client’s drilling site all over the world. Although we have rich experience for HDD mud sytsem , we still strive to improve our existing system and design customized system .We learned a lot from clients who is involved in HDD drilling for many years, our engineer takes back much useful information from client’s drilling site when they service abroad.

 1 Transportation cost both for Ocean and in Client’s country

 Considering Ocean transportation charge, we design the system which is suitable for ocean freight after disassembly the main equipments, such as shale shaker, mud cleaner,etc. Container is the cheapest way compared with Open-Top Container and FLAT RACK CONTAINER, also the sailing date is more flexible, so our total transportation dimension is always suitable for 20GP,40GP or 40HQ inner size.

 Also we consider the convenient of transportation in client’s domestic, the difficulties are when you transport these units they need to be manufactured as low as possible to adhere to certain regulations.Always remember that they do not want to remove any equipments for transportation. This is too costly and time consuming.

GN HDD mud system

GN HDD mud system

HDD is an operation that needs to be easily mobilized as projects can only take short time where as your equipment is built for the oil field, you need to transport so frequently . This is something you need to consider when you build your systems in order for them to sell easier.

 When you assembly all the equipments on the tank, you do not need to remove them again during any transportation by trailer, so the system transportation dimension plus client’s trailer dimension, the complete dimension should not exceed the transportation limit in client’s country, it is better to communicate with client about the dimension limit in advance.

2 Total cost saved

Another point is that you should consider more for the client, both in cost and in Pragmatic. The equipments in the system should be used max and promise there is no unnecessary equipments. These equipments may increase the total cost, add the total power of the generator and increase the transportation cost. We find proper way to save cost for clients, such as multiple use of one pump under the premise of no influence for its basic function, use the mud cleaner shaker as spare shaker, etc.

 If you want to develop the working effect of your existing HDD system, or if you want to find cost competitive and high performance HDD recycling system, pls contact GN solids control for more information.

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