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Nov 28

GN Solids Control is keep improving its solids control equipments every year, and GN engineers are devoted to provide excellent solids control equipments and try to satisfy customers changing demands.
Recently, GN has upgraded many solids control equipments and waste management systems. Take our mud agitator as an example, in order to meet customer’s demands on compact design; our technician has redesigned our mud agitator from C face motor direct connection with gear box to compact design without coupling. And GN mud agitator is using JIE gear which is a top brand in China.

mud agitator

GN Mud Agitator

By using this compact type mud agitator, the solids control tanks can have much larger rooms for solids control equipments.
For GN mud agitator, all the assembled parts are strictly abide by the Chinese Oil & Gas Industry SY/T5612-2007. For details, let’s take GNJBQ075DD as an example. Here the second “D” means it has double impellers. For mud agitator with 2 impellers, they are usually used in tanks with large depth. And the bottom end of the shaft is usually welded on the tank in order to have a firm strength.
With the power of 7.5kw, GNJBQ 075DD is effectively used for mud agitating. The rotating speed of the impeller is 1728 rpm at 60 Hz and 1440 rpm at 50 Hz. The transmission ratio is 1 to 25. And the diameter of the impeller is 800mm.
The lubrication oil in the gear should be changed when the mud agitator has been working for 1000 hours. The lubrication oil should be Mobil 150#. Besides, the lubricating grease should also be added when working for 2500 hours, the lubrication grease should be Mobile EP2.
For idle running within 2 hours, all the parts of mud agitator should not leased with oil or make abnormal noise. The temperature of gear and bearing should be within 40 ℃ and 50 ℃ separately.

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