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May 25

Founded in 2007 and has won since that time the trust of our worldwide operating clients due to consistent market positioning and supply of individual customer tailored solutions in the field of environmental services, and manufacture only top quality products. Today, like then, our field of activity refer to the wide range of environmental protection services, including tank cleaning mud recycling, oily sludge treatment system, we are present where complex problems are and deliver unique modern, complete, effective and best solutions, especially adapted  to our customer’s requirements and locations, and together with our professional support at each project step leads to a proven track record of success.

We develop our operations with focus on natural resources protection and offer the best uptodate solutions, adapted to each customer conditions, with positive results on the environment. We rely on a team of  fully trained experts team working in the field, with experience in solving difficult operations that and require modern treatment methods and equipment. Based on our experience, we understand that each environmental issue is unique, requiring a specific approach and an individual dedicated solution. In this respect, we have developed many different set up of systems, with GN basic equipment, and all the different design, now are very flexible to offer many different customisation for different projects.

For Oil sludge treatment, normal methods used: centrifugation, bio-remediation, washing, solidification, thermal desorption, stabilization, etc. We are specialized in complex technological processes required to treat oil sludge from lagoons, separators, etc. These processes are conducted using mobile equipment integrated in a full technological flow, using additive recipes tested by chemical suppliers in the lab, which is necessary for a high quality separation of  the three phases.We are aware that quality service cannot exist without a high-end technology, so we rely on the most recent and effective equipment, such as three-phase disc centrifuges, vertical separators, chemicals, and trained operators.The advantage of mobile equipment’s consists in the to provide services at the beneficiary’s location, reducing the costs and associated risks of the waste transportation from generation to the processing area.

written by desander desilter

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