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May 10

As we all known that shale shaker is always used as the first stage treatment equipment both in solids control system for
oil and gas drilling and mud recycling system for other kinds of drilling such as HDD, CBM and so on. It will separate
the coarse solids out, and then the liquids will be delivered to cyclones for second and third stages treatment.
While normally the solids discharged from the shake shaker and cyclones is not dry enough to be thrown directly
under the much more strict environmental regulations. So drilling waste management equipment is required to dry
the solids. Besides GN vertical cutting dryer for both oil-based mud cutting and water-based mud cutting,
GN high G shaker is also can be used to treat water-based mud cuttings with a G force up to 8.0.
GN high G shaker has 4 pieces screens to acquire a large treating capacity. With Italy Oil or
Martin shaker motors and stainless steel bottom deck, GN high G shaker enjoys a reliable and
stable performance in a high G force after heat treat.


Apart from High G shaker, GN shale shaker with high API screens always used as the bottom drying shaker for desander cyclones,
desilter cyclones. So the solids out from the cyclones will fall into the shaker screen for drying and also to collect more
useful and clean mud. Generally 2 model of bottom shaker are optional. The first one has 2 screen with a relatively small
treating capacity to save cost; the second one has 3 screens with relatively larger treating capacity. While sometime a
mud cleaner will be chosen with bottom shaker screen to save space and cost. GN vertical cutting dryer is used to treat
oil-based mud cuttings, but GN dryer can also treat water-base mud cuttings.

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