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May 24

With mandatory environmental regulations on no mud falling allowed being carried out in China sooner,
no pit drilling concept popularizes around drilling operations sites. The waste drilling mud used to
be discharged into pits and then be buried in the past, but that is environmental for the waste tends
to be difficult to be disposed, leading to serious pollution to surrounding areas. While no pit drilling
requires drilling waste management equipment or systems beside mud system to dry the waste cuttings out of
the solids control equipment. Frankly, solids discharged from shale shaker, desander, desilter or mud cleaner
will be transported to waste management machines. Liquids will return to active tank for recycling use, solids
will be delivered to mud plant where TDC Machine is for final treatment.


Recently, GN finished one big project of drilling waste management machines for Sinopec no pit drilling project,
totally including 16 sets High G shaker and 8 sets high speed decanter centrifuges for 8 drilling rigs in the
operation site. As the first stage machine, the high G shaker will directly treat solids discharged from
shale shaker, desander, desilter or mud cleaner to reduce the liquid content in the cutting to around 10%.
The high G shaker normally suits to water based mud cuttings; for the oil based mud cuttings, the vertical
cutting dryer will be used. After that, the liquids will be pumped into decanter centrifuge for 2nd stage

sinopec decanter centrifugeGN decanter centrifuge with 3200rpm, can remove the fine solids particles with 2-5 microns.
After treated by centrifuge, the clean liquid will flow to active tank for reuse; the solids drop
down to skips will be taken to mud plant with TDU machine for final treatment.

written by desander desilter

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