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May 15

1), Brief introduction:

Sand processing unit consists of tank, drilling fluid shale shaker, cyclone, sand pump and electric control system composition, its main effect is purification mud sand separation. Apply to mining processing, the end of pulp construction pile driving, such as the horizontal directional drilling mud purification.

1500 gpm mud recycling system

2) Operation principle

Primary purification equipment of the system is to GNZS706 double linear shale shaker, linear shale shaker works make linear vibrating screen box, after the mud into the screen box, through a sieve for solid phase particles expelled mesh size, mud through sieve into the mud tank, primary purification ended; Again by sand pump pumping mud can give cyclone by centrifugal vortex separation will further separation of solid phased particles in the mud, after separation of solid phase after the upper deck of the vibrating screen mesh back out of the pot dry, after purification, the mud go through the overflow manifold into the slurry storage tank.

3) Installion

Construction site is flat and level appropriate area of the field, after placing the sand smooth processing units, import and export manifold connection. Users according to the situation prepare for slurry pump, manifold into pulp and back pipe manifold.

4) Equipment maintenance

1, using and maintenance of shale shaker

2, maintenance of cyclone
The cyclone is 8 “cyclone, the structure is connected by welding, which all parts in contact with the mud, composed of polyurethane curing; Theoretically and practically, in addition to sand the cyclone must always check the wear condition of river mouth, if you have wear must be change in time, or you will wear cyclone body.
3, the use of the mud tank maintenance
after using Mud tank each time , must clean the mud tank, often check whether cans and manifold valve seal in good condition, otherwise, it should be replaced in a timely manner.
4, sand pump
5, the daily maintenance of electric control system
The electric control of this system is mainly composed of sand pump electrical control cabinet, shale shaker and electric cable. Control cabinet of electric control system of inspection maintenance must be conducted under the condition of power by the professional electrical personnel operation.

written by Desander Desilter

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