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May 12

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is just finished on May 4. During the show time from May 1-4, the exhibitors, visitors, professionals and students from all over the world attended the show, exchanged ideas and demonstrated the cutting edge technologies. Even though the industry is still at its downturn, people in the industry is still full of confidence and working hard to gain more and more opportunities and be successful.
GN Solids Control can manufacture almost all the solid control equipment and mud recycling system in the industry,  consistently exhibited in OTC this year.

The two booth in one show can have double effect to attract more and more customers and attention. And reality has approved it’s true. GN gained even more opportunities after the show comparing the previous shows.
During OTC, GN demonstrated its latest products: including the latest shale shaker, 363 decanter centrifuge, cutting dryer and many upgraded composite shale shaker screens. GN’s shale shaker was liked by most customers for its good G force performance, great processing capacity and it fantastic longivity. During the show many visitors and customers found more new features from the latest shale shaker and they really like it. And they showed interest in buying one in future when the new project coming in. The decanter centrifuge is also very popular at OTC. Up to now GN has manufactured 3 types: VFD version, fixed speed mechanical version, and the hydraulic power controlled decanter centrifuge. The full product line will definitely attract more customer’s attention, meet more customer’s requirement. GN also continued to show the cutting dryer after last year’s demonstration, this product has great performance in processing the cuttings and solids waste, making them more dryer and environmental friendly, and could make the waste directly be disposed without harm to the environment.

2017 GN OTC
Last but not least, GN demonstrated its strategic product for 2017- the shale shaker screens. Now GN has greatly improved its manufacturing process and could make the composite frame screens which has more advantages and great features than the old metal framed screens. Many customers and visitors were impressed by the great new shale shaker screen and plan to place some orders.
OTC 2017 is over, but GN will continuously provide the good quality and reliable products to its most valued customers and save money for the customers.

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