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Dec 22

GN Solids Control is famous for the best manufacturer on solids control and drilling waste management. As more and more countries are experiencing strict environment protect principles, GN solids control as well as drill cuttings management gadgets are more widely used in the world world. Now clients via more than sixty countries are utilizing GN equipments for different mud control or slurry separation.
For the water bottom part mud, GN has a couple of main equipments or techniques can be used:
1 . GN Cuttings Dryer
GN vertical cuttings dryer is especially designed for WBM, OBM or SBM healing. It’s especially useful with oil base cuttings separating. For the water base mud, GN has also provided quite a few sets cuttings dryer. Inside the first half year, GN provided one whole punch cuttings management systems for you to Cyprus for water foundation mud treating.
According to the responses from this client, they are quite satisfied with the working performance. For any slurry discharged from Cuttings Dryer, it can be also foodstuff into the decanter centrifuge for more separation.

GN decanter centrifuge 2 . GN Hi-G Drying Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge
GN Hi-G shaker has a large Grams force will can achieve 8. 0 G. With this particular large vibrating force, solids and water can be split up effectively. GN also produces various shaker screens, like replacement Mongoose screens, substitute Derrick screens. GN shaker screens are also widely used through many large drilling firms. Now GN Houston storage place has many shale  shaker screens with stock, welcome to visit us make a trial order.
GN decanter centrifuge are used to separate every one of the fluids come out from Hi-G shaker. Particles larger than 2~5 microns can be separated away by GN decanter centrifuge. This year, GN also offers some sets GN Hi-G Shaker and GN Decanter Centrifuge for world clientele, such as CNPC and Eu client. For details, booking the following links.

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