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Feb 09

GN Drilling Waste Management System in Russia
GN Solids Control has manufactured many excellent solids control products and solids control system. Due to many countries have strict demands on environment protection and the aware of more and more people try to keep good air for our children in the future. Many large clients working on oil and gas industries are trying to find a good solution for the OBM (Oil Base Mud), WBM (Water Base Mud) or SBM (Synthetic Base Mud), more and more companies are willing to use GN drilling waste management systems.

GN Drilling Waste Management System has a wide usage; some of them are working in very cold weather such as in Russia. This year, there will be 4 sets of GN drilling waste management systems using in Russia, and now these four sets are being tested in the cold weather, which is actually snowing outside.
Typically, GN drilling waste management system is including one cuttings dryer and one decanter centrifuge. The cuttings dryer is used for drying work which is quite obviously. Usually, the oil in the mud can be separated less than 5 percent. And the water in the mud can be separated less than 10 percent. According to one testing result in the worksite of Shell project, our cuttings dryer can separate the oil less than 3.2 percent if feeding at a good condition.
For decanter centrifuge, it can rotating at a quite high speed and separates the solids which are larger than 3 microns. All the drilling fluids come from the cuttings dryer can be transfer to a catching tank in advance, and then it will be feed to decanter centrifuge by using one screw pump or submersible pump.
In order to transfer the solids in a high density, GN has designed the screw conveyor which can transfer the solids to cuttings dryer from the outlet under the top end. As it’s quite cold (minus 20℃), GN has added one special pipe to heat the solids to keep it in a good moving condition.
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