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Jun 18

Desilter information

Drilling mud desilter is the 3rd solids control equipment. Set after shale shaker and desander. Desilter can get rid of particle between 15~40microns

The desilter structure is almost same with desander separator. Centrifugal pump will transfer drilling fluid from desander compartment to desilter separator then get better drilling mud with finer solid


GN Desilter general discription

GN Desilter adpots centrifugal force to produce certain pressure make larger and heavier solids sepated out of desilter cone. Although there is drilling fluid discharged together with particle, it’s little part.

NOV Brandt Desilter

NOV Brandt Desilter

GN Desilter mainly combined with bottom shaker. The discharged fluid will be filtered again by screen. Then solid will be vibrated out of shaker only leave clean drilling mud drop down to tank. While, drilling fluid after purified will flow into tank through overflow line also


GN Desilter feature

1. PU cones with S.S clamps and ball valve

2. Standard raw material for durable life

3. Produce and quality comply with API Q1 Standard

4. Competitive price



NOV Brandt Desilter

Similar as GN desilter. NOV Brandt desilter configuration consider the clients desired flow rate capacity. And set two type desilter separator. Including 4″ cone one and 2″ cone one. But both them don’t have bottom shaker for further filtration.

The treating capacity and separation point will also have relation with drilling fluid density, pump pressure, etc. According to NOV Brandt design, their desilter mainly have 2 configuration. Although flow rate is various we can set ball valve to control whole desilter separator capacity. Also if there is any desilter cone broken by chance we may close that one completely to save drilling mud flow and get rid of its problem without affecting other cones


Why clients choose GN and NOV?

They both have high quality. Certified by API and according to cerain regulation make sure better performance on fluid equipments and system

GN desilter obtian popularity via quality, professional design, economical cost and reliable services. NOV have firmed frame and they are rather popular with oil gas drilling services company or users.

If you need further content on Desilter please  feel free to come to GN. Find your satisfaction

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