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Oct 10

GN Decanter Centrifuge versus SWACO Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuges are widely used in the oil industries, gas industries and other waste management areas. They are specially used for separating solids which diameter is below 10 microns.

GN has been designing and manufacturing decanter centrifuges for years, and compared to the world famous brands such as SWACO decanter centrifuge, CSI decanter centrifuge, GN are much more cost-effective.

We all know SWACO decanter centrifuge is very good, so today we would like to compare GN decanter centrifuge with SWACO brands.

Take SWACO 518 HV Centrifuge as an example, 518 HV perform very well in the drilling fluids separation, this type is special designed for areas have strict environmental protection rules. For GN decanter centrifuge, GN can perform as well as SWACO, and GN has got various certificates to demonstrate the excellent quality and solid function such as CE, Europe DNV, Russia TP & TC, as well as HSE and ISO 9001.



The centrifuge of 518 HV is quite the same as GNLW 363BG-VFD. The bowl diameters are both 14 inch. For the bowl length, SWACO is 57.5 inch, while GN is 50 inch (GN has large size up to 71 inch for option). The main drive motor are both 50 HP and the back drive motor are 15 HP. The rotating speed of 518 HV is ranging from 1,900 r/m to 3,250 r/m, while GNLW 363 can be adjusted from 0 to 3,200 r/m (GN also has decanter centrifuge can rotate up to 4200 r/m). It’s not difficult to say, these two decanter centrifuges are basically the same. So the treating capacity is pretty the same, 518 HV is 170 GPM while GNLW is 200 GPM. For large treating need, GN has 484 GPM decanter centrifuge for alternative.

Besides, GN decanter centrifuge is using many tungsten carbide tiles to protect the screw propeller, which is really helpful to expand the long time use and more convenient to replacement and maintenance. GN also use PLC and positive pressurized on the control cabinet. GN use SS 2205 to make the bowl cylindrical as well as the conical section, which is a good material for wear resistance. For any questions, you are welcomed to write to [email protected].

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