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May 21

Since 2000 years, Decanter Centrifuge, oilfield, China has been gradually promoting the use and gradually achieved some success. Mud cleaning equipment currently in use is mostly done by two mud Shaker, and one made up of Cyclone desander, one of the few State-also equipped with desilter. This Decanter Centrifuges are only suitable for water-based non-aggravated mud system. Oil, gas and water layers in deep, and complex situations, such as are often used in heavier mud and oil-based mud. So, if you are still using the slurry purification plant, it would make a lot of barite powder deadening. This will reduce the proportion of mud, drilling engineering accidents easily occur. In order to keep the mud weights and other performance, you must re-add the barite powder and chemical agents. In this way, drilling costs are bound to increase. Mud cleaner was developed in response to this question. Deep well drilling rigs in China are also increasing, according to statistics, up to tens of thousands of units. Therefore, key components-in the deep mud purifying equipment mud cleaner study has become an irresistible trend.

Hebei GN solids control Ltd is the production of domestic and foreign well-known manufacturers of solid processing device and solid management. Dirt in the gear technology and solid management of natural gas and oil drilling, HDD, CBM and dredged mud splitting very welcomed by the customers. In addition to these types, GN solid drilling waste management to provide complete answers. We now have the shaker is on drinking water related waste and drilling mud cleaner required drilling wastes in oil-dependent. USA Decanter Centrifuge are generally of two gears, and a used up.

GN solids control on the mud cleaner provides fundamental improvements. GN the second age mud cleaner atmosphere provided by the chefs knife, to prevent blindness actually displayed. Actual ticket, we have followed the more stainless steel metal. It is scratch-resistant, it has an extension of. Flushing program we use NETSCH mess pump motors. To shop for Centrifuge, visit here.

Decanter Centrifuge

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