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Sep 16

GN 150 GPM Drilling Waste Management System
Recently, GN Solids Control welcomed one of the America client in Hebei factory. This client shows many interests to GN drilling waste management system. GN colleagues have discussed a lot on this system to answer any questions from this client. GN technical engineer has provided technical support and draw 2D drawings for this client.
Since every client has special demands for their equipments, GN always try to do their best.
This system consists of two tanks. The first mud tank is to separate the drilling waste and provide solids to the second mud tank. The second mud tank is used for drying the drilling waste.
For the first mud tank, GN recommends our client to use the following equipments:

 Vertical Cutttings Dryer & Decanter Centrifuge

1. One set of Mud Recycling System, which is including one shale shaker, one Mini
Mud Cleaner, one Centrifugal Pump and one mud tank.
GN Shale Shaker is using GNZS 703E- HB, this type can reach to 7.5 G high vibrating strength, which is adjustable by adjusting the vibration motor. GN Mini Mud Cleaner is using GNZJ 752E- 4N, the working capacity of this cleaner is 200GPM. And the GN centrifugal pump is using GNSB 4x3A-10J, this one is used for feeding the drilling waste to mud cleaner.
2. One set of Vertical Cuttings Dryer, which consists of one set of GN vertical cuttings dryer, one set of GN high configuration decanter centrifuge, two NEMO pumps, one centrifugal pump and one mud tank.
GN Decanter Centrifuge and GN Vertical Cuttings Dryer is one set of perfect match for cuttings dryer. Usually, the vertical cuttings dryer can deal with 30 tons to 50 tons cuttings each hour, and the oil can be controlled with 5 percent, which is very suitable for environment protection.
Sometimes, clients from some countries may have very strict demands on the oil percentage; in this case the cuttings need to be dealt with extra process such as chemical reaction which is another topic.

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