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Sep 01

Derrick, as the most famous supplier in the world for solids control equipments, many of their design and sales experience set an example for the counterparts in industry. A very often used equipment FLC 513 cleaner would be taken in this essay as an object to be compared by GNZS 703 Cleaner.


Technical comparing with FLC 513 Cleaner

Employ the same design concept, GNZS 703 Cleaner is also a composited equipments for Desander cone, Desilter cone and linear motion high G force shale shaker.
By installating 2 vibrating motor on the shaker deck, GNZS 703 could offer maximum 7.5 G force while this parameter for FLC 513 is 7.0.
In order to make easy for transportation, the hydraucyclone support frame for both FLC 513 cleaner and GNZS 703 cleaner is removable. By equiping with different quantity desander cone and desilter cone, the cleaner could get the required capacity. For this aspect, FLC 513 and GNZS 703 is of same for 500GPM of 10″ desander cone and 80GPM of 4″ desilter cone.
Shale Shaker deck adjustable during equipment operating, both same of -1°~5°.
Both model adopt 3 pieces screens. Screen area for FLC 513 cleaner is 24.9 square foot, the data for GNZS 703 cleaner is 27.9.

Largest difference between FLC 513 and GNZS 703 Cleaner

The largest difference between FLC 513 cleaner and GNZS 703 cleaner is the way to install and change the screen. FLC 513 cleaner screen is single-side tensioning which reduces screen panel repalcement time.
Comparing with FLC 513 cleaner, GNZS 703 choose fixing the screen by using wedge block, at both side of inner dech wall, there would be 2 pieces wedge block for each screen. Installating and uninstallating the screen, you just need a hammer.

By separately and attached in complete mud system, GN already sent hundreds of 703 series cleaner to world market and received good feedback. If you want to learn more about GN Cleaner, welcome contact with us.


[1]Derrick and FLC are marks of Derrick Corporation
[2]Brandt and NOV are marks of National Oilwell Varco
[3]MI-Swaco and Mongoose are marks of Schlumberger

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