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Feb 11

Flare Ignition Device

Flare ignition device is equiped on the oil and natural gas drilling field in case of flammable and poisonous gas overflow while drilling. The frequancy for the application for thsi device is very low, but it is necessary to keep this device on the drilling site as no accident is minor accident.

Structure of Flare Ignition Device

The flare ignition device has a simple structure of gas guiding pipe and high presure ignition. The ignition is controled by a small control panel installed on the vertical pipe, and at the foot of this device, we design a natural gas tank to store natural gas for igniton. The  potential transformer could convert the the electrical presure from 220 volt to 16000 volt. At connecting point of the flare ignition device to hoses from the drilling site, we install a backfire valve to prevent the fire get in the hose contercurrently.

Flare Ignition Device Working Priciple

Once we need a flare ignition device, we also will equip another device which is know as mud gas separater. The gas cut in drilling mud out from the drilling hole gets into the mud gas seperator first, then the gas in the mud will be removed out and guide to the flare igniton device by a hose. The flare ignition device is always installed at lest 50 meters far away from the drilling site.

Besides the drilling site, flare ignition device also could be used in all the place where flammable and poisonous will produce. Welcome contact with us if you are interest in this device and other solids control equipments. GN will show professionally in offer products and service.

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