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Apr 25

Project contractors want to enhance the ROP not only reduce the cost but also bringing performance improvements to the field faster


When the drilling is really fast, most centrifuges cannot keep up with the volume of mud that must be cleaned before it is recirculated back into the well. Therefore, surface treatment of solids often becomes a constraint on the ROP (rate of penetration)


GNLW553-VFD Max capacity is 484 gpm and the effective capacity is 400gpm. Big volume treating capacity assures to process the fast drilling fluid. GN dual dewatering units increased the customer’s ability to maintain the system fluid properties at a certain levels. This solution also allowed drilling to continue at a faster ROP, while also improving the ability to clean fluids so that they could be reused on multiple Project.

12B 副本

Decanter Centrifuge


The Features of Centrifuge


1. High standard duplex stainless steel 2205 is made by centrifugal casting.


2. Originally exported from German SKF bearing for reliable operation


3. Tungsten Carbide Tiles fully protect the screw propeller from damaged.


4. VFD control cabinet with PLC controlled is easily operated by field screw.


GN is solids control manufacturer that supply shale shaker, desilter, desander, cutting dryer, mud agitator, centrifugal pump and mud gun as well

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