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May 10

Not sure how much you know about us, I guess some of you knows we manufactured BEM shaker before, quite advanced, the Elliptical Motion got many advantage: smooth function on drilling cuttings, longer screen panel stay time, anti-blocking screen hole, and drill cuttings not easy to broke etc. Especially suitable for high drilling mud viscosity, small flow rate, larger solids content and breakable drilling mud.

Well as you may hear from many operators, the BEM is idealy a good product, but if you only have this model, then there is a problem, the drilling mud is effecting the shaker balance. GN dual motion shale shaker can be used in different drilling depths and fully treat the drilling mud. Usually, GN linear shale shake is mainly used in the first and second drilling, while the elliptical motion is suitable for the further depth drilling such as  third time drilling or even in the forth drilling.

That is also why we choose to stop the BEM shaker, there is no point to have one shaker sent to the site which is too fragile. Yet the Dual Motion shaker includes two working mode: one is linear motion and the other is elliptical motion, each mode can be adjusted by using the switch on the control box.

written by desander desilter

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