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Apr 26

Drum is a very important part for the decanting centrifuge. GN solids control produce middle speed centrifuge, high speed centrifuge and variable speed centrifuge, and our drum is 1Cr18Ni9Ti material made and Screw propeller SS304 coated with tungsten alloy material, and other parts are made of SS304 material. The control cabinet is SIEMENS Components and Bearing block assembly is FAG brand bearing.

high speed decanting centrifuge

high speed decanting centrifuge

 Decanting centrifuge for draining off water from sewage sludge, which centrifuge has a rotating bowl and helical walls rotating therein to scrape the sludge towards the end of the bowl to discard it. The rotating bowl has a conical entrance section in which the helical walls are provided, where the progression of the sludge through the conical section is retarded, the conical shape of the section being important to secure a gradual increase of velocity and to reduce any tendency to create turbulence.

 In a decanting centrifuge a drum is rotatably mounted in a fixed casing and a worm is rotatably mounted in the drum. The drum is driven by a main motor and a hydraulic motor is arranged between the drum and the worm to provide a differential speed. The hydraulic motor includes a casing rigidly connected to the drum and a shaft rigidly connected to the worm. Further, the main motor can also be a hydraulic motor arranged to receive the hydraulic medium from the same source as the other hydraulic motor with the flow of the hydraulic medium being controlled by a regulating valve.

 A decanting centrifuge for separating solids and liquids from a mixture comprising a drum supported for rotation about an axis, a worm mounted within said drum for roation about said axis, a main drive motor coupled to said drum means for driving said drum at a first rotational speed, and drive means for driving said worm at a second speed different from said first speed, said drive means comprising a hydraulic motor mounted coaxially with said drum and said worm, said hydraulic motor being connected to said main drive motor and rotated thereby and coupling said main drive motor to said drum, said hydraulic motor having a casing rigidly connected to said drum and a shaft rigidly connected to said worm so that said hydraulic motor casing rotates at the same speed as said drum and said worm rotates at a speed different from the speed of said drum by the speed differential between said casing and said shaft, and rotary transmission means engaging said casing for supplying a hydraulic drive medium to said hydraulic motor.

GN high speed centrifuge can reach 3200rpm/min maximum, and we also provide variable speed centrifuge. The tungsten alloy Abrasion resistance material which will touch fluids directly. So GN decanting centrifuge is a reasonable designed and cost-saves equipments which can separate 2~7um particles out.

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