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Feb 25

With the environmental protection consciousness enhancing and the desire to lower the cost of drilling, more and more drilling operators pay attention to drilling waste management and they also obtain much from it.

What is drilling waste management

Auger Conveyer

In order to protect the drilling head and take the drilling cutting out of the drill hole, we need inject drilling mud into the drilling hole by the drilling pipe. The expensive cost and recyclability promot the management for drilling waste. Simplely speaking, drilling waste management is to remove the useless drilling cuttings to get the active drilling fluids.

Main Equipments in Drilling waste management

1. Shale shaker
2. Auger conveyer
3. Screw pump
4. Centrifuge

Drilling waste management working principle

High Speed Centrifuge

High Speed Centrifuge

Shale shaker is the first stage equipments in the procedure of drilling waste management. Drilling fluids mixed with large size drilling cuttings get into the screen deck.

Under the function of vibrating force, the liquid pass through the mesh screen, while the large size solid particals are removed out and get into the screw conveyer. Now the drilling waste management starts actually.
The drilling waste is transfered in to the cutting drier. In this procedure, under the centrifugal force, the liquid get rid of the fetter solid phase and pass the mesh screen into the outlet pipe, the very dry solids waste discharged out which could be easily move to other place to bury or for other application.
Always, a storage tank is used to store the liquid out of the cutting drier. Here the liquid is pumped into the centrifuge by a screw pump. In the centrifuge, more tiny solids could be separated out. After the treatment by a centrifuge, the drilling fluids is active.

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