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Drilling Waste Management made in china

What is Modular Drilling Waste materials Management Unit?
GN shades control design and manufacture customized drilling waste management unit depending on different projects. We have regular design for oil based drilling waste materials management unit for each international clients and household oilfield clients. Also we now have standard design for water dependent drilling cuttings drying program, we make the single tools with a package or a do it yourself, the client can choose several do it yourself and use them together or even use them as single bundle.

Why use modular Drilling Waste Management Unit?
(1) Standard do it yourself drilling waste management device in stock for choice, less your delivery period
(2) Multi-function, flexible options, you can find dating one or several modular unit for his or her special requirement
(3) Save your own cost: You can use different deals combination for your different task, do not need to buy new types for each project
GN Do it yourself Drilling Waste Management Device including:
(1) Drilling Cuttings Move Unit, including conical drill down cuttings receiving hopper along with a drill cuttings transfer pump motor and electric control program
(2) High G Drying Shaker Unit, including 8. 0G high-G drying shaker having a catch tank
(3) Mud Intermediary Transfer Unit, including carol tank, submersible pump, whisk and the electric control program
(4) Vertical Cuttings Dryer Telescopic Skid, composed of GN high-speed vertical cuttings dryer and also the telescopic skid, we have adjustable speed vertical cuttings clothes dryer and rated speed waste dryer for option, the actual flushing screw pump is actually installed on the skid
(5) Decanter Centrifuge Telescopic Skid, made up of variable speed/high speed decanter centrifuge and the telescopic skid, the feeding pump is actually installed on the skid, we now have variable speed decanter centrifuge(VFD) and fixed speed decanter centrifuge for option.
(6) Waste Selection Container, which is for storage space and transfer hazardous waste materials
If you are interested to know more regarding our Modular Drilling Waste materials Management Unit, pls connection with GN solids control within Beijing or GN solids America in Houston.

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