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May 02

In one drilling rig system, regarding the treatment for drilling mud, many equipments involved. And there could be devided into 2 categories: Drilling mud solids control equipments & drilling waste managements equipments.

Drilling Mud Service Worksite


Solids control equipments is used to separate drilling cutting from the mud. It is always cosist of shale shaker,vacuum degasser,desander, desilter, sometimes decanter centrifuge. After the treatment by these equipments, the drilling mud from bottom hole is active for reusing.

Mostly, the drilling cuttings discharge from the shale shaker aften full of fluids and difficult for transporting. It need further drying. Then we need some drilling waste management equipments. While the main equipments in drilling waste management system are Verti G cutting drer(or drying shaker) and centrifuge. The drilling cuttings was collected and transfered by auger to cutting dryer, then for further treatment. In this system, it is also a separation for solid and fluid. Just the discharge more dryer, and more active drilling mud could be reused.

Drilling Mud Treatment Diagram


GN received more and more inquiries from the contractor for drilling waste managements. Just last month, we received order from client for Hi G drying shaker and VFD Centrifuge, they used in project for pertamina. Welcome contact with GN if any requests for our products.

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