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Aug 08

GN solids control is the only API&ISO certified solids control and waste management system manufactrue in China till now.Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries around the world and serve for many NOC oilfiled projects.Our 14 centrifuge is the best alternative for Derrick DE1000 and Mi-swaco 518 ,due to its better price and reliable performance. For drilling waste management ,we use cutting dryer and screw conveyer for oil based mud ,Hi-G shaker and decanter centrifuge for water based mud.The function of solids control and drilling waste management equipment

Drilling waste management Cameroon

Drilling waste management Cameroon

Function of drilling waste management system

l  Reduce the amount of OBM or SBM on cuttings discharge to reduce waste volume and meet environmental objectives.

l  Recover valuable base fluids for reuse and lower the cost.

l  Reduce fluid content prior to other treatment, thereby increasing process capacity.

GNCD930 is a single stage continuous phase vertical screen centrifuge that has proven to reduce the oil on cuttings to as low as 5% by dry weight and typically achieves below 6% OOC levels. GNCD930 is capable of processing over 40-50 tons per hour and can deliver dry solids under the most severe loading. GNCD930 Dryer has been used on many types of fluids, including drilling fluids of both synthetic and oil based mud. As with all solid control equipment, like shakers, centrifuges and cyclone separator, viscosity will have an impact on performance. Viscosity is determined by many factors including solids content, solids size, fluid type and fluid temperature.

Trailer mounted mud system

Trailer mounted mud system

To be brief,solids control equipment can help circulate the drilling mud and reuse of the precious drilling fluids .While waste management is to separate the oil on cuttings from the drilling mud to achive dryer mud ,then discharge to land filed or road construction without pollute the air water and enviroment.

written by GN Desander Desilter

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